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When it comes to choosing the ideal mat for the entrance of your home or business, it is important to take care of many details of which depend on the performance of this  functional and decorative element. If the carpet in the entrance will be located on the outside, then it is important to consider investing in a scraper mats.

Texture is the basic element through which we create multiple impressions, harmony, balance, design, comfort. Its expressive character of the loop depends on the tissue that arises is the essential detail for stunning special effects and decorative qualities for different types of use that each rug offers. In the case of scrapper mats, thanks to the surface material,   loops  scratches on the soles of shoes, trapping dust, moisture and any particles that can mess the interior of your home or office so it will be easier to keep clean and neatness.

The carpets of this type have a structure that can accumulate dust and dirt inside, that will be easily  removed by cleaning the mat with a hose or shaking. This represents a great saving of time and money on maintenance. These rugs are a perfect choice for high-traffic locations.

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