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When it comes to sexual health you cannot take any chances. There are 15 forms of contraception available that can help prevent STI’s or pregnancy. There are two types of contraceptive. There are ones that prevent pregnancy and those that prevent both pregnancy and STI’s. There is of course only one way to remain safe but with careful use of the contraceptive options you can remain safe.
One of the most common methods of contraception is the condom which can help to prevent both pregnancies and STI’s. In fact the condom both male and female versions are the only forms or contraception that covers you for pregnancy and STI’s. When it comes to sexual health you can use combinations but it is advisable that one of the methods is the condom. It is thought that the condom has a 95% to 98% success rate making it very popular and is sold at a price that is affordable. Because it is 95% to 98% successful a second form of contraception is advisable with the pill being the most common.
Simply put sexual health is a serious business and staying STI free with no unplanned pregnancies cannot be unstated. Take it seriously and use the contraceptives available and you will remain as safe as you can. It is the only choice.
Many of us don’t take our health seriously and that is particularly the case with sexual health. In recent years there has been a massive increase in STI’s reported by STI clinics. GUM clinics as they are otherwise known are used for testing for all the STI’s known as well as counselling if and when it is needed. Over recent years it is becoming clear that sexual health is not top of people priorities.
STI clinics will give you all the information you need for your sexual health. You should to be totally sure get tested whenever you start a new relationship to ensure that you are both healthy. If more people did this as well as take the right precautions then there wouldn’t be the same problem there is today. Even a major television campaign has failed to help. Binge drinking hasn’t helped STI rates either.
It seems that people do not take sexual health seriously. A combination of a lack of knowledge, lack or responsibility and binge drinking has resulted in a huge increase in STI’s making the GUM clinics busier than ever before. Something serious needs to be done to begin to combat this problem. While many may find it embarrassing education always starts at home especially when it comes to sexual health.

When it comes to sexual health it seems the message is getting lost amongst the young. The under 25’s are by far the most likely to get an STI and even more worryingly they are more likely to re-infected within a year. It seems the message is not getting through and the young are putting their sexual health at risk with lack of knowledge.
Facts about sexual health and STI’s are worrying with over a million people a day globally picking up an STI. While the most serious cases are HIV the most common is Chlamydia which can actually result in infertility. With many cases showing no symptoms many do not even know they have got it. In Britain STI’s have risen every year for a decade with the worst results being among the under 25’s. Genito-urinary medicine clinics are seeing a huge increase with almost every STI on the increase.
The problem seems to be that the message and the facts about STI’s are not getting through to the young who need this information to make decisions about their sexual health. Without it they do not realise that the actions they are taking are risky and can have devastating results. The problem of rising STI’s will continue until the facts get through.

The sexual health of the nation is becoming a large problem with the UK now leading Europe in infections of sexually transmitted illnesses or STI’s. With almost each type of infection we are seeing an increase year after year and even more worryingly some of the young are getting re-infected with the same disease just months after being treated for it before.
The question has to be asked why so many people are putting their sexual health at risk time and time again. Linked to this is also the huge increase in unplanned pregnancies which as you can imagine is increasing in a similar way. One reason suggestion is that teens of today are put under pressure in a world that seems to always be about sex. While in my day there was teen pressure it seems today if you are not sexually active then you are in the minority.
The problem is that the young are not yet fully developed and are not grown up enough to make the correct decisions about their sexual health. There is a question over whether sexual health studies at school are detailed enough and if they are targeted at kids young enough. There is also a question about what teens think of themselves. Many do not have a strong identity and with decreasing standards of role models a clear message is getting lost. When your role model has 3 kids with 3 different fathers what does that say?
It seems that despite years of STI increases the problem is far from being solved. Kids today put their sexual health at risk on a daily basis and until we can work out why the problem will continue to get worse.
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