Unlock Phone company offers to unlock top, medium and lower range mobiles and smartphones regardless of the network or country. Their method is 100% secure and will not affect the phone’s warranty in any way.
Their servers are 100% automated so unlock codes can usually be generated instantly. All brands are covered, including iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry, Motorola, LG, HTC, Huawei, Alcatel, ZTE, etc
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“Using SIM locked phones can be a challenge, especially during international travel. Roaming charges are often exorbitant, and local SIM cards do not work. At unlockphone.com we need a customer’s IMEI number, make and model to look for their phone’s unlocking code. We have unlock codes for all make and model. For example, customers wanting to unlock an LG phone have to send us the above-mentioned details, for us to be able to send the correct codes,” says a spokesperson for Unlock Phone
Using an unlocked phone also gives users the freedom to switch carriers without a worry. “They don’t have to be tied up to their tariff plan,” adds a spokesperson for Unlock Phone
Once unlocked, the phone is free to be used on any GSM carrier – it remains permanently unlocked even after factory updates. Paying for codes is easy – this can be done via PayPal, credit card, or debit card. “But before calling us, customers have to make sure that the phone wasn’t unlocked previously, or the IMEI number is not barred,” he adds. The company assures guaranteed codes, lowest price and quick turnaround time. “We’ll process your order in 24 hours or less,” added the spokesperson.
About unlockphone.com:
Unlock Phone offer unlock codes for all phones including HTC, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry etc. You can also get the same services on Movical
For more information, http://www.unlockphone.com/

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