What About These Thermal Jars


Jars for restaurants



Nowadays, you must save energy not only at home or industry but also in food stores, restaurants and cafes. The way you serve foods and beverages require the use of the most efficient instruments that help you keep your customers fully satisfied in order they feel better than home. Using thermal jars can help you to beat your competitors and obtain better results keep any kind of drinks sufficiently cold or hot during a larger period of time. That’s why I would like to introduce you thermal jars as the most interesting way to get the most out from polypropylene material.


Thermal jars

Besides its competent manufacturing process based on durable and premium quality materials, thermal jars are globally distributed to a very low price, what can make you easily choose them from a wide range of models, design and colors, so that you can use them and have a more interesting life when serving any kind of beverage or drink.



When using thermal jars you can take advantage of a wide range of benefits and not only because you can keep your drinks hotter or colder, but because polypropylene is a wonderful material for home and commercial use that will give you a large endurance and the opportunity to have a product easy to clean and handle. In addition, it is an excellent way to keep hot drinks such as coffee, chocolate, tea and more for 3 or 4 hours conserving the same temperature. In the case of cold water, soda, juice, ice tea or any other cold beverage, you can keep this using thermal jars up to 6 -8 hours. Particularly, this jars has an ergonomic button to help you release your beverage easily without having to open or close the jar.


Common usage

Unquestionably, you use thermal jars for everything you want. For instance, you can take them for home, office, industrial kitchens, camping and more.

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